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Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences



Healthcare Tech Outlook

Healthcare Tech Outlook, a print platform offering healthcare decision-makers critical information on adopting, innovating, and building new programs and approaches to enhance their capability to provide care. Healthcare Tech Outlook has been a pioneer in offering a learn-from-peer approach to the healthcare arena, offering technical advice to enhance both the overall healthcare landscape and assist individual care providers from general practitioners and specialists to post-acute care organizations.


ArabMedicare.com, launched in March 1999, serves as an online media outlet and news source for connecting local, regional, and international healthcare decision-makers with the Arab healthcare professional market.

ArabMedicare.com has also become a leading point of reference for accessing the latest medical news and information covering conferences, exhibitions, and expert insights. In addition, ArabMedicare.com offers regional-specific news coverage and content on over 30 medical specialty fields along with the latest business headlines and developments that span across the entire Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.


CN1699 is mobile medical news, and the platform for information content, creation, integration, and distribution support. The core product is based in the Macao company in Michaoo. Contents including medical papers, news articles, break news, government bidding, and the buyer require list. CN1699's service is to do media-dependent trading to seek new markets. CN1699's branch and partner cover 50+countries and we work for 250K members.

By media connectivity and inter-content communication, CN1699 partners with global media partners through online media, journals, medical exhibitions/conferences, medical associations, labor, Doctors/nurses, hospitals, university of medicine, independent laboratories, insurance companies, and thus provide a significant amount of the latest industry information to create connections through sharing and promote the value of service exchange.


MEDtube is a video-centric social eLearning platform for Healthcare Professionals exclusively. It is free to use by the HCP community worldwide. In 2021 the library reached 25,000+ medical materials and the community exceeded 300,000+ professional subscribers (global audience).

MEDtube is now the world's largest online repository with high-quality multimedia content of clear practical and educational value. The library contains medical videos, images, cases, animations, eCourses with tests, documents, presentations, webinars, and other professional materials in all medical specialties. The resources are shared by physicians, clinicists, medical societies and universities.

Hospitals Magazine/The Arab Hospital Magazine

It is newsworthy, analytical and instructive and provides its readers with unique and professional content as well as opinion and editorials that will focus on medical and Healthcare development. These niche magazines are the choice of Healthcare professionals and conscious readers that need a knowledgeable monthly news source and insight into the regional Healthcare sector. We aim for excellence in our Scientific, Health and Business reporting. 

These magazines are produced by professional journalists in coordination with a scientific panel for the Health Care Professionals and the general public. 

As per the sector’s Hippocratic Oath, The Arab Hospital and HOSPITALS Magazine intend to uphold the highest standards of integrity and expertise. Every scientific article will be reviewed by the magazine's panel, composed of physicians, surgeons, and highly regarded scientists in their field.